Why am I here?

Non-medical consensus

More non-medical consensus says that my sunburn was likely a spot of sun poisoning. However likely that is, I've dismissed it. I'm more concerned with the fact that I think I have the Monkeypox virus. It has replaced the SARS virus in my body. I toyed with salmonella, but I haven't eaten in the ren's Cafeteria for a couple of weeks.

The POB is golfing in some transportation tournament today--it's an annual event; I don't expect him home until late, so I have the entire evening to myself. I'm looking forward to it. I really need to clean but I think I'd rather sit outside (or on the landing, if it rains).

I also am very, very ready to go home this afternoon. Only 90 minutes. I've been very busy today. Much of my day was spent making copies--a really good use of my time. The wastefulness of this is offset somewhat by the proximity of the copy machine to my office (3 inches); however, all of the collating and filing resulting from this could have been done by someone who comes more cheaply than I do. I realize it is difficult to comprehend that there are people who actually make less money than I do, but we have at least one--and it is a responsibility of her job to make copies and then deliver them to the appropriate places on campus, but for some reason she has decided lately--the last 6 weeks or so--to ignore the copy requests. Nevertheless, the pile slowly diminished (because the owners of these requests figured it out and did it themselves) until all that was left was a huge pile of regulatory paperwork left there by a woman who went on maternity leave the first week of May. Sometime over the last two business days, someone made copies and placed the whole kit and kaboodle on my desk. I measured this stack when I came in this morning. It came in at 20.75 inches. No, really. So now, coupled with that and the Great Schism, many of us are afraid to leave our large copy jobs to the mercy of The Woman Who's Job it is to Make Copies. In addition to copies, TWWJIITMC is supposed to make a campus delivery run every afternoon. You know, all that paperwork she didn't copy, collate or file. However, many afternoons she has some crisis or another and leaves early--without, mind you, delivering the paperwork. I've noticed a correlation between the days she must leave early and the amount of paperwork that needs to be delivered. Today, for instance, there are mounds and mounds of paperwork to deliver. Today, for instance, she left early. She's hedging that most of the paperwork to be delivered is urgent and must be delivered today, so tomorrow her burden would be lighter. I, having the bulk of this paperwork, know that there is nothing that urgent in the stacks and so will have a Mexican Paperwork Standoff. A Gunfight in the Regulatory Corral, so to speak. I will win.