Why am I here?

Weekend at the Lake

I managed the weekend at the Lake (of the Ozarks) without much mishap. I medicated myself fairly well for the trip down--I was pretty tense, but I read and slept most of the way. Saturday, I hung out on the dock with Mrs. MM while MM and the POB went fishing. Later we took a boat ride and I lost my favorite hat. My Pipkins hat. We returned to the house, I took the paddle boat out to the end of the cove when nature called. I hopped out of the boat without any thought of how to get back in the thing, so I had to swim it all the way back to MMs dock. Fortunately, I had the foresight to put on a life jacket before I hopped out--not for any good reason, just because.

Saturday evening, it became apparent that I was turning red. "Oh, it will be tan by morning," I said blithely. Sunday morning, I woke up and went out to sit on the dock and read and drink my morning hurricane and wait for the boys to come back from their fishing excursion. It was cold--and I wore the POBs huge fleece most of the morning and then I used it to cover my legs and feet. (To keep the sun away from my sunburn). Nevertheless, I continued to turn even more red--despite my copious use of sunscreen (50 SPF, even). It was too late. My hands and feet started to swell. They are still huge.

Before the swelling became precarious, while it was still just simply fascinating, we boated over to the rope swings. The POB and I stayed behind to watch the while MM, Mrs. MM and Madonna (the friend of Mrs. MM Junior) drove back to get aqua socks for MM Jr. I've never swung from a rope before, so feeling daring and intrepid (after all, wasn't I 150 miles away from home) I gave it a try. I didn't do very well, or swing out very far, but I did it without injuring myself. Woot.

MM Jr. and I took the paddle boat out later. He's so cute. He's 8 and just really, really smart and sweet. While we putted around the cove, I taught him how to multiply. The rules behind multiplication, at any rate, and I had him figuring out simple problems like a pro. He was so cute, he wanted to pay me. Later, his mother told me that Mrs. MM Jr. had a tutor last semester and little MM Jr. just wanted someone on the payroll that would be at his sole bidding.

Some highlights: the POB was continually concerned about my welfare (are you okay? are you mad at me?) and let me wear his fleece pullover all weekend. At one point, when we were alone in the kitchen, he said, "....at your place." And then said, "Maybe someday you'll think of it as 'Our Place.'"

The loved me. Mrs. MM gave me the seal of approval, told the POB how wonderful I was with the and how much they liked me. It was a very successful weekend. The POB didn't fight once--not on the way there, not on the way back.

Ooh, I am sore, though--from swimming the paddleboat back, from shivering in the wind, from the impact of my rope jump and because of all the swelling in my extremeties. I can't wait to go back. Really. And I had so much fun, I only read one book (though I brought 5).