Why am I here?

How I Met My Boyfriend in a Liquor Store, Version 1

I was repreived from my colon/rectal meeting. I stayed til 6, I walked to Queeny, I waited patiently for the elevator, waited patiently for the same elevator to climb all the required floors (with a stop at each) and then tried, in vain, to find this mysterious colo-rectal conference room.

So, after 5 minutes or so (the floor just isn't that big) I gave up and walked down the 14 flights of stairs.

I went to the Meow and called the POB around 7:30 or so. He was so sweet. He asked me what was wrong. I told him it was just the weather; I felt out of sorts. At the end of this conversation he said, "Your chicken will be ready when you get home sweetie." This wasn't the case, but he did serve it to me in the bathtub.

I noticed that my Weather Pixie has been "Down for Maintenance" a lot lately. I think it is because she/he thinks her/his readings are wrong. You're right. It's the weather that's all wrong.

Speaking of Pixies: For some reason, even after all these years, this guy still fascinates me like a gory car wreck.